New York based food and drink photographer Sasha Gitin shares his latest commercial work, personal projects, behind the scenes footage & creative ideas.

Best Food & Drink Photography of 2016 by Sasha Gitin

In the beginning of 2017 we’d like to share with you some exciting work that was created in the past year. We had an opportunity to work with some amazing clients, fantastic art directors and fabulous crew.

Projects had a good mix of food, beverage and lifestyle shoots. Also this year was unusually equal mix of Print Advertising, PR, Food Packaging, Editorial, and Social / Web

Stoli Vodka Ads

National Ad campaign: “The Vodka” it’s not about the vessel its about The Vodka. Cocktails shot from above to minimize the presence of the glass.

Stoli Cocktail Ads

Client: Stoli

Tanqueray Ad

Tanqueray, which launched in 1830 is one of the most iconic gin names. With Gin becoming hip again there are new ways to enjoy it.

Tanqueray Advertising

Client: Diageo / Tanqueray

Fish on a Tree?

Image was shot for an Ad and POS poster and we have received a prestigious Communication Arts Award for this project! Image was featured in CA Photography Annual 2016!

Conceptual Advertising Photography

Client: Gold Star USA


It’s been our 4th year shooting for Bacardi and images are looking more and more sophisticated each year!  Styled cocktail recipes are published by 100s of magazines and blogs. Year long print and digital campaign.

Client: Bacardi, Agency H&S, Photographer: Sasha Gitin, Drink Stylist: Takako Kuniyuki, Props: Lilli Rubinstein

Client: Bacardi

The Science Magazine

It was a a super fun editorial project. The feature story was about Camelina seeds. An ancient super-grain which has 40% oil  content and high in Omega 3.  In fact there is more omega 3 in this camelina oil then in oil derived from Salmon or Anchovies! Why overfish when you can grow omega 3?  Dah….  Science!

Client: Science Magazine

I Heart Keenwah

I Heart Keenwah brand launched in 2009, and we shot the very first images for the original packaging. Last year there was a major re-branding as well as new products added. Check out the new look. Its awesome to shoot for the brand for over 7 years…

Client: I Heart


Pet Plate:

If you are a fan of Shark Tank show which airs on ABC,  you might have noticed this amazing new start up called Pet Plate™. Human grade dog food prepared by chef and delivered to your [dog house] door weekly. The objective for us was to help dog food to look irresistible and super appetizing while for the lifestyle part of the shoot to show dogs and their owners happy and healthy.

Client: Pet Plate


Last year was a great year , thank you for your collaboration! We look forward to the New Year!

2017 is looking great already , in February we are moving to a new amazing studio space with full kitchen, and cozy layback environment (so we can be even more productive!)

My team and I are wishing you a superb 2017!

Sasha Gitin & crew

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