New York based food and drink photographer Sasha Gitin shares his latest commercial work, personal projects, behind the scenes footage & creative ideas.

Award-Winning Conceptual Food Photography by Sasha Gitin

I would like to share some good news: I have received an Excellence in Photography Award from Communication Arts. My winning image now appears in the CA 2016 photography annual/print advertising category.

It’s kind of a big thing for me, for I have been competing for this award for about 10 years and I have finally received it! (Without having to fight a bear or sleep inside a dead horse)

Back in 2005, when I was working as an in-house junior photographer in a large product studio, I asked for advice from a fellow veteran photographer: How to make it big to shoot creative ad-campaigns? Her recommendation was to build a portfolio that would compete with the top dogs in the industry and recommended to look at Communication Arts photo annual for inspiration. Fortunately, one of my positive qualities is being able to listen to good advice. So here I am: 11 years later and I now get to shoot fun campaigns for big international brands. In a past year, I shot ads for Tanqueray, Stoli, Bacardi and other great brands including numerous start-ups.

Receiving an Award this year from the publication to which I always tuned to for inspiration is a huge milestone. I feel that I have finally reached the point where I want to settle and build on.

This photograph was used in an ad for International Gold Star Inc., a leading supplier of smoked and pickled fish. The main challenge here was to secure the oily, wet, marinated fish on a tree branch. Don’t ask me how it was done but we did it (mostly by talking to the fish and asking kindly, “Please stay”).


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